Upgrade your homes with efficient Copper and PEX repiping!


The traditional galvanized pipes used in 12 to 33-year-old homes in Beaumont, CA are potential hazards with high susceptibility to corrosion and rust. So, Copper or PEX repiping is in vogue right now and has the advantage of cost-efficiency, and sturdiness over galvanized pipes.

 Hire RLC’s plumbing services to repipe your home water lines with copper or PEX at a reasonable price.

 RLC plumbing service is the most reliable expert of PEX repipe solutions in Beaumont, CA. We have substantial experience with this advanced PEX waterpipe technology that is approved for usage in California. PEX piping system is the ideal solution to enhance your under-floor heating systems and in-home sprinkler systems. Also, RLC plumbing uses top-grade American-made copper pipes for water line repiping.


We at RLC are your trusted partners to help you minimize water line leakages, enhance the energy efficiency, and extend the durability of your plumbing system. All this at customer-friendly prices!

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